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Become the pioneer in the rising market of digital analytics in Munich. 

Tracking Academy provides you with structured approaches and industry-expertise in:

  • Digital Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • A/B Testing & Personalization

6 Courses.

One Goal.

Become part of the low supply in the market with a big demand.

TrackingAcademy. offers you hands-on, on-site workshops in Munich where we will teach you the data-driven ways of digital businesses. We advise strategies as well as applied knoweldge of modern tools and technologies to leverage the efforts of your business

Digital Analytics

Learn the fundamentals of Digital Analytics and acquire hands-on knowledge of Google Analytics

A/B Testing

Drive your business decisions by doing valid experiments and using the right tools

Marketing Tech Stack

Get competitive advantage by leveraging and automating your marketing with the right tools

Tag Management

Learn strategic approaches of Tag Management and its real-world implementation with Google Tag Manager


Serve your products and services to the right customers at the right place and time

Digital Marketing

Learn About Startategy and different Approaches to set the right mix for your business

John Muñoz

Digital Analytics & MarTech

John Muñoz is an experienced MarTech solution designer, business consultant and project leader with extensive experience in marketing technology & digital analytics.


Vladimir Stashevskiy

Digital Analytics & MarTech

Vladimir is a Digital Analytics consultant and entrepreneur in the areas of Business and Web Analytics. He specializes in leveraging SMEs as well as Corporte businesses by implementing scalable Digital Analytics infrastructures

Philipp Mikula

Digital Marketing Expert

Philipp is a consultant with over 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing with a particular focus on Strategy, Performance Marketing and Funnel Management.


Learn by Doing

Our approach is based on practical examples and mini-projects

Our courses consist of an unique combination of theoretical knowledge documented by industry leaders and practical skills that we have acquired throughout years of consulting enterprises in Germany. We also offer you demo environments to freely practice and play around with such tools as Google Analytic, Google Tag Manager, A/B Testing Tools and much more!

Build your portfolio

Enrich your porfolio by learning modern tools and technologies

By doing real-life tasks and solving common challenges you will be able to swiftly acquire the essential knowledge needed for operating in any digital market

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Theory from Experts

Get an overview of different aspects, functions and use-cases of Google Tag Manager


Practice with demo accounts and receive templates for measurement plan and tag documentation

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