Google Analytics –
Digital Analytics Course

Learn concepts of Web Analytics using Google Analytics – this course is suitable for marketers, cross-beginners, management and web analysts.

Chapter 1 : Intro in Web Analytics

Learn basic conepts of Web Analytics using Google Analytics. You start with a tracking concept, solution design and setup on your website.


Chapter 2 : Navigation in Google Analytics (GA)

Learn about the account and view structure of Google Analytics and how to navigate inside of GA to find your needed insights.


Chapter 3 : Page and User Reports

Analyze your best performing landigpages, how your users experience your website and how they behave.


Chapter 4 : Measure your Marketing Channels

Find your best performing marketing channels and campaigns and how to track your campaigns inside of your marketing and sales organization.


Chapter 5 : Conversion Tracking

Setup and track micro- and macro Conversions in GA – give your data some business value and identify low performing laningpages, channels, and campaigns.


Chapter 6 : E-Commerce Tracking

Create your (enhanced) E-Commerce Tracking report to track your e-commerce revenue, transactions and your checkout funnel.


Chapter 7 : Reporting with Content Grouping

Give your reports more insights by using content grouping.Content grouping give your website or app a logical structure.


Workshop: Use Google Analytics in your daily work

Apply your knowledge with a real use case. Together in a team you will analyze some demo data or your own data and get some insights for your marketing strategy.


John Muñoz

Digital Analytics & MarTech

John Muñoz is an experienced MarTech solution designer, business consultant and project leader with extensive experience in marketing technology & digital analytics.

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May 2, 2020

May 8, 2020 


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> Full-day workshop

> Direct access to brains of the instructor

> Professional templates included

Theory from Experts

Get an overview of different aspects, functions and use-cases of Google Tag Manager


Practice with demo accounts and receive templates for measurement plan and tag documentation

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